Full Valet – From £60

With prices starting from £60, give your car the works with a Full Valet. The Full Valet service includes a thorough interior and exterior cleaning service. Designed to bring your car back to original showroom condition, the wheel arches are cleaned, we will remove tar spots and the seats will be shampooed. Almost every part of the vehicle is cleaned including the engine bay in some cases.

At Bridgend Valeting Services, we use a range of Auto Smart products to make sure that your vehicle is as clean as can be and has that clean car smell when you get back inside it. No area is ignored. We clean the insides of the windows and mirrors, the dashboard and other surfaces, the boot, the foot wells, door seals and more. We advise leaving your car with us for the day as the whole process can take up to six hours. Once the car has received a Safe Wash and we have valeted the car, we will apply a wax or sealant to the vehicle to add further protection.